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Birkenstock Papillio Madrid

* example colour combinations Birkenstock Papillio Madrid Birkenstock Papillio Madrid
  • Wide choice of Madrid Papillio colour options on a Birko Flor upper
  • 3 adjustable straps for a secure fit
  • EVA sole – light and shock resisting
  • Cork/latex footbed designed to mould to your foot shape

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Birkenstock Papillio Madrid

Select Colour

25 Colours Available

  • Black Paisleyfrom £23.97Black Paisley
  • Brown Circlesfrom £23.97Brown Circles
  • Brush Art Orangefrom £31.76Brush Art Orange
  • Brush Art Rose from £29.24Brush Art Rose
  • Coralla Blackfrom £29.24Coralla Black
  • Cream Paisleyfrom £40.46Cream Paisley
  • Dreamland Bluefrom £37.30Dreamland Blue
  • Dreamland Pinkfrom £37.30Dreamland Pink
  • Fantasy Flowers Fuchsiafrom £29.56Fantasy Flowers Fuchsia
  • Giraffe Dark Chocofrom £46.66Giraffe Dark Choco
  • Greyfrom £40.66Grey
  • Largato Blackfrom £29.24Largato Black
  • Largato Whitefrom £29.24Largato White
  • Magnolia Blackfrom £31.76Magnolia Black
  • Magnolia Whitefrom £31.76Magnolia White
  • Palletten Silverfrom £40.66Palletten Silver
  • Peacock Brownfrom £37.30Peacock Brown
  • Peacock Whitefrom £37.30Peacock White
  • Pink Paisleyfrom £38.99Pink Paisley
  • Snake Brownfrom £41.21Snake Brown
  • Suki Blackfrom £38.90Suki Black
  • Tendril Black/Silverfrom £29.56Tendril Black/Silver
  • Treccia Brownfrom £30.63Treccia Brown
  • Vanilla Flower Bluefrom £31.96Vanilla Flower Blue
  • Wildflower White from £29.56Wildflower White

Our Description

Papillio Madrid is a colourful new twist on Birkenstocks best selling single strap sandal – the Birkenstock Mardid. Papillio Madrid has lots of pattern and colour alternatives including April Flower Green, French Garden Brown, Baroque Line Silver, Silk Flowers Turquoise, Pepe Bronze, Art Flowers Green, Colourful Lines Rose, Bed Red, Magma Silver and Silky Wind Red. The Madid Papillio shares the same features with its cousin such and the single strap with buckle adjustment, deep heel cup, arch support and shock absorbing EVA sole.