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Gizeh Birkenstock goes everywhere and with everything

Birkenstock Gizeh is an extremely versatile thong Birkenstock designed for women. At first I didn’t take note of them. But Gizehs have persisted- they’ve been around for years. Now gladiator sandals are quite fashionable, and Birkenstocks Gizeh are an understated part of that trend. But they’ll be here long after.

Summer in Paris: every Parisian woman I could see in the hot month of July was wearing Birkenstocks Gizeh! Whether they were smoking at a street cafe or watching their children in the park. London finds the Gizeh paired with skintight white trouser jeans for summer, and with slouchy jumpsuits and minidresses. So many women love the Gizeh because it has the right combination of classic and edgy.

Gold, khaki, and stone are ever the popular Birkenstock Gizeh Sandal colours, but don’t overlook choices like the baby blue ‘pool patent’, or the sultry ‘tango red’.

For something a little different, see Birkenstocks Luxor. The Luxor sandal is the cousin of the Gizeh- same basic design concept, but with handsome braided leather cross-strap.

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