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FLY London Frisk Biker

FLY London Frisk Biker is an ankle boot with an edge. Made with rich heavy leather, Fly London Frisk Biker takes an iconic look and updates it with style.

FLY London Frisk Biker
Fly London Frisk Biker Boot

Antiqued brass coloured studs adorn the seams around the ankle and the pull tabs, which is just the right amount without being stud & rivet overboard. Fly London states “FLY aims to attain modern, eclectic, but timeless style, not strongly linked to a particular season or trend. Always progressive, never conventional.”

The Fly London Frisk Biker Boot is a testament to this mission statement. It is a little rebellious, but at the same time you can envision it with clothes from the fashion runways as well as tough leather or denim. It’s the Kate Moss of boots!

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