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FitFlop Rokkit Review

FitFlop Rokkit rocks it with rows and rows of glittering crystal details atop the world’s most comfortable fitness sandal!

FitFlop Rokkit
FitFlop Rokkit FitFlops

FitFlop Rokkit sandals help tone your legs and bum while you walk. Smooth leather toe post upper emblazoned with glittery sparkly crystals are paired with the Microwobbleboard sole to make FitFlop Rokkit something truly fabulous. Many people say that FitFlops are the most comfortable shoes they’ve ever known…now they have a bit of bling along with famous comfort. FitFlop Rokkit has three glamorous tonal colourways: Silver Nova, Bronze Ore, and Black Diamond. Any of these choices are sure to compliment both your wardrobe and your feet and legs. Get a workout while you walk and bling to rival the glitteriest disco ball with the fabulous new FitFlop Rokkit sandals.

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