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Fitflop Hyka Girls Review

September 9th, 2010 No comments

Fitflop Hyka Girls is a fab designed active sandal for your little trekkers. The Fitflop Girls Hyka sandal features woven coloured straps across the toes, front and heel that are fully adjustable with velcro to offer the perfect fit, these straps are placed onto soft microfibre lining for total comfort. As with all Fitflop styles the Hyka Girls features their famous patented Microwobbleboard™ technology, each trekker style sandal has a flexible triple-density midsole, this encourages your child to move naturally with each step, promoting great posture, and making sure little toes and soles are stimulated and have room to flex and move.

FitFlop Hyka Girls
FitFlop Hyka Girls

The Fitflop Hyka Girls Pink sandal is pretty in tone with sporty silver highlights within the branded strap, tipping and sole. Fitflop Hyka Girls Dark Taupe is stronger in tone complimented by a punchy pink, great for mini treks. Fitflop Hyka Girls active sandal is full of fantastic features that will keep little soles in pure comfort with every flexible step.

  • Fitflop Hyka Girls active sandals available in two sporty colourways
  • Three adjustable velcro straps for great, precise fit
  • Lined with soft microfibre fabric for a comfortable step
  • Flexible triple-density Microwobbleboard™ midsole

FitFlop MukLuk Tall Review

August 18th, 2010 No comments

Fitflop Mukluk Tall are new for Autumn/Winter 2010, these luscious long boots will keep your feet snug and cosy thanks to the 33cm tall stretch of breathable sheepskin embracing your feet and legs. Fitflop Mukluk Tall are ergonomically designed to fit to your feet so you can stride with style and not shuffle your soles. These boots also feature stitched seam details, the Fitflop branded label and a playful hint of sheepskin at the top of the boot beckoning you to put on a pair!

Fitflop Mukluk Tall boots also feature Fitflop’s famous patent-pending muscle-loading Microwobbleboard™ midsole that will help tone, improve posture and offers great shock absorption and cushioned comfort!

Fitflop Mukluk Tall Chestnut are a classic autumnal colourway perfect with dark denim and I’m loving the Fitflop Mukluk Smoke Grey to compliment black leggings or grey skinny jeans, other colourways include Black and a sumptuous Chocolate. Fitflop Mukluk Tall are the perfect tall boot for the change of seasons mixing comfort with style, walk tall in Fitflop Mukluk Tall boots this Autumn/Winter!

FitFlop MukLuk Tall
FitFlop MukLuk Tall

  • 100% double faced breathable sheepskin upper
  • Water and stain resistant
  • FitFlop Microwobbleboard™ sole technology
  • Textured anti-slip rubber outsole

FitFlop SuperBoot

August 15th, 2010 No comments

The FitFlop SuperBoot collection are the perfect winter boots from FitFlop. SuperBoots are based on the Microwobbleboard™ multi-density midsole, FitFlop’s revolutionary technology that gives you proven exercise benefits as well as being incredibly stylish.

The new FitFlop Superboots come in leather and suede materials as in Tall or Short ankle boot styles. I can see the Suede Superboots taking on Ugg boots as the winter boot to have.

Check out the latest prices on FitFlop Superboots by clicking below.

FitFlop Superboot Leather Short
FitFlop Superboot Leather Short
FitFlop Superboot Leather Tall
FitFlop Superboot Leather Tall
FitFlop Superboot Suede Short
FitFlop Superboot Suede Short
FitFlop Superboot Suede Tall
FitFlop Superboot Suede Tall
  • Superboots come in Tall or Short styles
  • Soft leather or Suede leather uppers
  • Iconic Microwobbleboard™ midsole technology health benefits with Aegis Anti-Bacterial treatment
  • Microfibre lined with FitFlop Branded stud detail
  • FitFlop muscle toning technology so you workout while you walk
  • Triple-density EVA rubber outsole

FitFlop SuperTone Trainers Review

August 14th, 2010 No comments

Supertone trainers from FitFlop are here! FitFlop Supertone trainers are based around FitFlop’s tried and tested Microwobbleboard™ technology. With Supertones you can get the famous “a workout while you walk” in FitFlop trainers. Now with your FitFlop Supertone trainers you can wear funky looking trainers and know that the shock-absorbing, muscle-toning technology of FitFlop footwear is helping you to tone and workout.

Womens Supertone trainers from FitFlop are ingeniously designed to conceal the ‘toning sole’ so you can wear them without revealing you’re on a workout. The FitFlop Supertone trainer has a simple profile and go-everywhere style – with FitFlop’s thigh-toning, foot-flexing, figure-benefiting biomechanics built-in.

FitFlop SuperTone Trainers
FitFlop SuperTone Trainers

  • FitFlop Supertone, the newly released classically-shaped leather exercise trainers from FitFlop
  • Patent-pending, muscle-loading Microwobbleboard™ technology
  • Leather six eyelet lace up uppers
  • All-weather wearability
  • Simulate barefoot walking with increased muscle exercise work out
  • FitFlop’s new Supertone trainers deliver function, form, fashion and fun

Fitflop Rebel Review

August 9th, 2010 No comments

Studs galore adorn the Fitflop Rebel sandal creating a punky, funky stylish sandal this summer. Fitflop Rebel is a comfy sandal with edgy style combined with Fitflop’s famous leg-muscle-toning sole.

Fitflop Rebel Black has a sexy shiny patent upper lined with microfibre for a smooth fit, adorned with antique silver pyramid and conical studs, with additional studs stamped along each side for the ultimate rock chick feel.
I’m loving the suede upper of the Fitflop Rebel Chocolate colourway for a sumptuous look with antique gold studs or for a softer shade try the Fitflop Rebel Mink.
And while you’re oozing sharp style on your feet, your legs and bum will be getting a workout thanks to the Microwobbleboard™midsole technology. This unit consits of three different density materials which create instability to promote leg muscle activity. This hardworking sole is finished off with the Fitflop branding.

With a pair of Fitflop Rebel sandals you can tone as you walk and add a touch of rock style to your feet, bring out your rebellious side this summer!

FitFlop Rebel
FitFlop Rebel

  • Fitflop Rebel Black with cosy microfibre lined Leather upper
  • Fitflop Rebel Mink/Chocolate with soft microfibre lined Suede upper
  • Microwobbleboard™midsole technology to improve posture, reduce foot pain and pressure
  • Cushioning sole to absorb shock and relieve joint stress
  • Work your bottom and leg muscles every single time you take a step

FitFlop Gogh UK

July 4th, 2010 No comments

FitFlop’s Gogh clog is a seasonal move on from the fantastic FitFlop sandal range and one that boasts many star qualities; the FitFlop Gogh can tone legs as you walk and relieve back pain all thanks to the Microwobbleboard™midsole, and are super cosy! FitFlop Gogh is available in stylish black and sumptuous chocolate, with tonal curved top stitching and FitFlop logo.

These FitFlop clogs are perfect for cooler summer evenings and ideal for the autumnal weather thanks to the durable water and stain repellent Du Pont™ treated suede and no-skid rubber outsole. Why not treat your legs to a workout and slip on a pair of FitFlop Gogh clogs!

FitFlop Gogh UK

  • FitFlop leg-toning, patent pending, microwobbleboard™ midsole
  • Suede upper, treated with water and stain repellent from Du Pont™
  • Cozy Micro-fibre lining
  • Rugged rubber outsole

Review – FitFlop Pietra wins for versatility in Vegas

June 12th, 2010 1 comment

Hello from sunny Las Vegas! I’ve been watching people’s feet for three days now, looking at what shoes people are wearing on vacation. It’s been beastly hot here, so most people are wearing flip flops, both inside casinos and out.

But here’s the tricky part about Vegas…it is huge. If you decide to walk to the next casino, half a block away, this is actually an immense distance! So at the end of an evening, you could have walked 5 miles depending on your activities. One evening in my favorite LOW wedge sandals ended in pain and blisters.

Bearing this all in mind, my pick for the best all-purpose sandal is FitFlop Pietra. FitFlop sandals are so comfortable that their wearers exclaim they are the most comfortable thing they’ve ever worn. Something about FitFlop’s microwobbleboard soles keeps the lower legs from feeling the same level of fatigue after lots of walking. And the FitFlop Pietra is pretty! With square jewels down the front, FitFlop Pietra looks a bit dressier than the average sandal. It holds up to the glitz of Las Vegas. However, FitFlop Pietra is also casual too! They’re great for by the pool.

FitFlop Pietra

I’m not trying to say that normal flip flops aren’t cute. I’ve seen havaianas galore and some fun metallic strappy sandals and such. But for glamour AND endurance, the FitFlop Pietra is incredible. FitFlop is really the only way to go!

Now I must go and get ready for the England USA game! ENGLAND!!!!

FitFlop Roma, newest FitFlops on the block!

May 15th, 2010 No comments

FitFlop Roma is the latest FitFlop Sandal, and the first FitFlop with a back strap! FitFlop Roma also features a cross strap…there’s nothing between the toes. This new styling makes Roma a bit more polished than typical Fitflop sandals …it is actually the perfect sandal to take to Roma!

FitFlop Roma

FitFlop Roma Bronze or Black; either colour is fabulous. FitFlop sandals work the legs and increase your balance while you wear them….they’re really the best of all worlds (all worlds being: looking good, being fashionable, increasing fitness, improving posture and being comfortable)! Roma is the fresh 2010 FitFlop style which is sure to sell out. So compare the best prices in the UK for FitFlop Roma today. No regrets, the Roma Fitflop sandals are fantastic go-everywhere sandals that will serve you beautifully. Ciao!

FitFlop Pietra: the newest hottest sandal from FitFlop!

April 23rd, 2010 3 comments

Wow! FitFlop got good-looking with the new FitFlop Pietra sandal. Pietra is a slimmer sandal than traditional FitFlop sandals, and has three giant gems down the toe line. Grecian goddesses won’t have anything on you when you’re wearing the FitFlop Pietra!

FitFlop Pietra Sandals

FitFlop Pietra flip flop sandals are much more elegant than your typical summer flips. Yet they are bound to be the most comfortable! Pietra features patent leather metallics coupled with resin “jewels”. And as always, Pietra sandals incorporate FitFlop’s Microwobbleboard™ technology to give you a workout while you walk!

Pietra Bronze, Pietra Pewter, Pietra Silver, and Pietra Black on Black are the fabulous colours for this latest FitFlop sandal. The jewels match and add depth to the whole single colour elegance.

FitFlop Pietra – look gorgeous while getting gorgeous! AllTheShoes has aggregated the best prices on Pietra from FitFlop to make it easier for you to shop. Get the FitFlop Pietra sandal before it sells out!

Footnote: Pietra is best-suited to slim-to-average width feet

Review FitFlop Mukluk Boots

December 2nd, 2009 No comments

FitFlop MukLuk could be the UK’s best seller. FitFlop Mukluk sale figures have been going through the roof lately. It seems that FitFlop Mukluk boots have real curb appeal to women wanting the short sheepskin boot look, like UGGs, but with an added extra. The unique selling point of FitFlop footwear (including the FitFlop MukLuk) comes from FitFlop’s patent-pending muscle toning midsole. FitFlop Mukluks look good AND do something to tackle that inevitable Christmas tum!

Could the FitFlop Mukluk be the ideal gift for the woman that love the UGG boot look but also wants to be different from the rest of the crowd? I say this is the thinking man’s gift idea and I’m not alone in thinking that – Fitflop Mukluks sale figures attest to that too. Get her the FitFlop famous “workout while you walk” this Christmas and you’ll definitely get some brownie points. If it’s the thought that counts – this is the gift to get!

Compare FitFlop MukLuk prices
FitFlop MukLuk

FitFlop footwear features patent-pending, muscle-loading microwobbleboard™ technology to increase the time that your muscles are engaged every single time you take a step. The Mukluk is is made with 100% double faced breathable Sheepskin – it’s also water and stain resistant, has Agion™ antimicrobial technology and a textured anti-slip rubber outsole.

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