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Ash Spot Heel Trainer from Ash Shoes London

April 20th, 2010 1 comment

Ash Spot Heel Trainer fits in with Ash Shoes’ successful hybridisation of trainers and fashionable heels and shoes, but O.M.G.! I just do not understand what is going on with Ash Spot. Ash Spot sneaker bootie shoe is like a Converse All Star Hi atop a big fat white rubber heel. No, not a wedge. HUNNNHHHH?

Ash Spot Trainer/Heels

Maybe it is the fact that I am not Rihanna that makes me not understand how one could wear Ash Spot. Seriously girls. WHAT WOULD YOU WEAR TO WORK THIS???? Long tanned legs? Ok well that helps with all styles. Why not go into my complete nightmare zone…a nice shorty shorts romper suit, big plastic necklace, and the Ash Spot. Yes, that is very now. But is it good? Only you can be the judge and jury for yourself. But I will say this: Ash Spot from Ash London is selling like CRAZY. AllTheShoes compares prices from at least 6 top retailers in the UK to list the best prices on the dubitable but highly popular Ash Spot heel trainer.

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