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FitFlop Hooper Sandals Review

April 15th, 2011 No comments

FitFlop Hooper sandals combine casual style with serious technology to tone and tighten your leg muscles. While you are walking places, looking cute in your FitFlop Hooper Sandals, they are reducing shock to your joints whilst increasing leg and bottom muscle activity.

FitFlop Hooper Sandals
FitFlop Hooper

FitFlop Hooper features a circular side buckle with a hidden adjustable velcro strap for a fantastic fit. This is one of the only toe post sandals we’ve seen that is adjustable, and certainly the only FitFlop flip flop that is adjustable! The flexible fitting makes the Hooper a great shoe for those with narrow feet, wide feet, or high arches – it provides a good fit to all. And the Hooper sandal has a nonfussy boho charm that will compliment jeans, maxi dresses, and casual summer outfits.

Available in gorgeous neutrals Buff (a pale taupe), Black, or caramel-luscious Tan, Hooper will become your go-to sandal for the summer. Slip on your FitFlops and slip into your bikini body with toning FitFlop Hooper Sandals!

  • Smooth high quality leather or suede uppers
  • Oversized buckle for fashion look
  • Soft microfibre interior lining feels amazingly soft against bare feet
  • Microwobbleboard™midsole technology to improve posture, reduce foot pain and pressure
  • Work your bottom and leg muscles every single time you take a step

FitFlop Rokkit Review

March 7th, 2011 No comments

FitFlop Rokkit rocks it with rows and rows of glittering crystal details atop the world’s most comfortable fitness sandal!

FitFlop Rokkit
FitFlop Rokkit FitFlops

FitFlop Rokkit sandals help tone your legs and bum while you walk. Smooth leather toe post upper emblazoned with glittery sparkly crystals are paired with the Microwobbleboard sole to make FitFlop Rokkit something truly fabulous. Many people say that FitFlops are the most comfortable shoes they’ve ever known…now they have a bit of bling along with famous comfort. FitFlop Rokkit has three glamorous tonal colourways: Silver Nova, Bronze Ore, and Black Diamond. Any of these choices are sure to compliment both your wardrobe and your feet and legs. Get a workout while you walk and bling to rival the glitteriest disco ball with the fabulous new FitFlop Rokkit sandals.

FitFlop Roma, newest FitFlops on the block!

May 15th, 2010 No comments

FitFlop Roma is the latest FitFlop Sandal, and the first FitFlop with a back strap! FitFlop Roma also features a cross strap…there’s nothing between the toes. This new styling makes Roma a bit more polished than typical Fitflop sandals …it is actually the perfect sandal to take to Roma!

FitFlop Roma

FitFlop Roma Bronze or Black; either colour is fabulous. FitFlop sandals work the legs and increase your balance while you wear them….they’re really the best of all worlds (all worlds being: looking good, being fashionable, increasing fitness, improving posture and being comfortable)! Roma is the fresh 2010 FitFlop style which is sure to sell out. So compare the best prices in the UK for FitFlop Roma today. No regrets, the Roma Fitflop sandals are fantastic go-everywhere sandals that will serve you beautifully. Ciao!

FitFlop Pietra: the newest hottest sandal from FitFlop!

April 23rd, 2010 3 comments

Wow! FitFlop got good-looking with the new FitFlop Pietra sandal. Pietra is a slimmer sandal than traditional FitFlop sandals, and has three giant gems down the toe line. Grecian goddesses won’t have anything on you when you’re wearing the FitFlop Pietra!

FitFlop Pietra Sandals

FitFlop Pietra flip flop sandals are much more elegant than your typical summer flips. Yet they are bound to be the most comfortable! Pietra features patent leather metallics coupled with resin “jewels”. And as always, Pietra sandals incorporate FitFlop’s Microwobbleboard™ technology to give you a workout while you walk!

Pietra Bronze, Pietra Pewter, Pietra Silver, and Pietra Black on Black are the fabulous colours for this latest FitFlop sandal. The jewels match and add depth to the whole single colour elegance.

FitFlop Pietra – look gorgeous while getting gorgeous! AllTheShoes has aggregated the best prices on Pietra from FitFlop to make it easier for you to shop. Get the FitFlop Pietra sandal before it sells out!

Footnote: Pietra is best-suited to slim-to-average width feet

FitFlop Mukluks ~ FitFlops for winter!

November 14th, 2009 No comments

Hot stuff in more ways than one, FitFlop Mukluks are a bestseller this winter. FitFlops Mukluks are a warm Ugg boot style that tones and exercises your thighs and bottom when you wear them. That’s a win-win! Trendy looks and true utility, the Mukluk from FitFlop is a gym and a winter boot rolled into one.

If you’re wondering what kind of gift to get someone you care about, and you’d like to get them a useful gift, yet also a thoughtful gift, FitFlop Mukluk boots are a lovely choice. Who doesn’t need a winter boot that will give them a great bikini body for summer?

FitFlop Shoes Ultra Lounge (or is that FitFlop Slippers???)

September 29th, 2009 1 comment

Is FitFlop Ultra Lounge a slipper, a clog, or a shoe? Doesn’t matter: FitFlop Ultra Lounge is fantastic. This newest winter FitFlop is ideal for cosying up at home. Or, take the attractive Ultra Lounge FitFlop slipper out and about. Maybe you just got home from work. Your feet hurt. Your back feels strained. You have to go to the market and then make dinner. Slip on the FitFlop Ultra Lounge …. your feet will thank you and your posture will improve instantly. It may even change your outlook :)

FitFlop Slipper Shoe Ultra Lounge

FitFlops are engineered to engage muscles, lessen joint impact and absorb shock, FitFlops burn calories and tone legs with every step. FitFlop shoes were biomechanically designed and have been reported by wearers not only to help firm and tone the lower body, but to provide relief from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, chronic back pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis, lower limb oedema and to help wearers affected by scoliosis and degenerative disc disease. The newest furry FitFlop Ultra Lounge Mule will keep you fit and happy this autumn and into winter.

FitFlop Ultra Lounge

FitFlop Snugger Boot… Patent Shiny Chic

September 25th, 2009 1 comment

FitFlop Snugger has the look of patent leather and the puffy quilted look of a down jacket. Who wouldn’t want to take these fantastic shiny FitFlop boots into the winter season? Featuring the same posture improving exercising sole that made FitFlops huge,
the Snugger is the latest in the FitFlop Boots line.

FitFlop Snugger Boot

Feeling spacey, ski bunny, or relentlessly urban? FitFlops Snugger Boot will hug your calves with STYLE. Shiny FitFlop Snugger Boots are available in patent Bronze, a nice coppery brown bronze colour; patent Silver, a metallic moon-unit silver; and patent Black, shiny midnight noir blackest black.

Super lightweight easy pull-on FitFlop Boots feature microwobbleboard sole to exercise your muscles, and puffy patented uppers with faux fur lining inside.
Snuggers are water resistant and have anti-bacterial treatment for odour control.

Patent boot FitFlop Snugger

Patent boot FitFlop Snugger promises to be a big seller, and is on pre-order now at several UK retailers… get them while they’re hot! September is not too early for choosing your autumn and winter boots, and not too early to think about gifts for the holiday season!
Shiny FitFlop Snugger gives you fashion, fitness and warmth for the value.

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