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FitFlop Hooper Sandals Review

April 15th, 2011 No comments

FitFlop Hooper sandals combine casual style with serious technology to tone and tighten your leg muscles. While you are walking places, looking cute in your FitFlop Hooper Sandals, they are reducing shock to your joints whilst increasing leg and bottom muscle activity.

FitFlop Hooper Sandals
FitFlop Hooper

FitFlop Hooper features a circular side buckle with a hidden adjustable velcro strap for a fantastic fit. This is one of the only toe post sandals we’ve seen that is adjustable, and certainly the only FitFlop flip flop that is adjustable! The flexible fitting makes the Hooper a great shoe for those with narrow feet, wide feet, or high arches – it provides a good fit to all. And the Hooper sandal has a nonfussy boho charm that will compliment jeans, maxi dresses, and casual summer outfits.

Available in gorgeous neutrals Buff (a pale taupe), Black, or caramel-luscious Tan, Hooper will become your go-to sandal for the summer. Slip on your FitFlops and slip into your bikini body with toning FitFlop Hooper Sandals!

  • Smooth high quality leather or suede uppers
  • Oversized buckle for fashion look
  • Soft microfibre interior lining feels amazingly soft against bare feet
  • Microwobbleboard™midsole technology to improve posture, reduce foot pain and pressure
  • Work your bottom and leg muscles every single time you take a step

FitFlop Gogh II : as comforting as biscuits and tea.

November 2nd, 2009 No comments

FitFlop Gogh II is the shoe I reach for when I need a little comfort. The Gogh II is made of felted wool, and has a soft faux fur lining. FitFlop Gogh II has the famous “workout while you walk” Microwobbleboard FitFlop’s technology. But don’t get the idea that it is strenuous to wear. It is possibly the most comfortable shoe that you could ever own. (And I mean comfortable to walk and stand in, not just comforting because I’m getting a little workout and possibly ate far too much cheese earlier in the day.)

FitFlop Gogh II

These FitFlop clogs are the teddy bear, the milk and tea, the warm blanket of my shoes. When your stilettos are looking sinister, or when the chill of winter is making you sad, slip on the
FitFlop Gogh II and feel better!

FitFlop Inuk Tall Boot

October 15th, 2009 No comments

FitFlop Inuk is in stock, after much anticipation. FitFlop Inuk is the Tall FitFlop Boot in the winter FitFlop family. Inuk is available in the gorgeous classic colours of Chestnut tan, Chocolate brown, and Black.
FitFlop Inuk

FitFlop has named the Inuk for the Inuit people (Inuk means ‘person’ while Inuit is ‘people’). Once known as “Eskimo”, the Inuit people live in the areas around the arctic circle including Greenland, Canada, Alaska, and even Siberia. The FitFlop Inuk is based on Inuit footwear- tall boots made from furs to keep you cosy in the harshest of cold. FitFlop Inuk is made from shearling (sheepskin) which gives you the advantage of warmth and natural wicking properties.

What we’re saying is that FitFlop Inuk Boot will keep you warm when the weather turns cold.

In the meantime, FitFlop Inuk is a very stylish boot. And you are getting FitFlops fatburning Wobbleboard technology, which will tone your legs and bottom as you walk in the FitFlop Inuk. It’s a FitFlop Ugg Boot, if you will. What more could you ask for? Perhaps a dogsled?

FitFlop MukLuk Boots: Double Trouble for UGG Boots

October 8th, 2009 No comments

The FitFlop MukLuk is here, and this FitFlop Ugg Boot style has great value: both 100% sheepskin lining AND a leg toning gym built into one sturdy pair of short sheepskin boots!

FitFlop MukLuk Boots

FitFlop MukLuks are available in the following colour combinations:

  • FitFlop MukLuk Chocolate brown – has a matching sole and chocolate brown sheepskin lining
  • FitFlop MukLuk Chestnut golden tan – with a natural coloured sheepskin lining
  • FitFlop MukLuk Black – with matching sole and black sheepskin lining

Remember, the FitFlop MukLuk can be worn as is, or with the top folded down to show off the woolly lining at the ankle. Both are equally fetching :) .

The new FitFlop MukLuk Boot is made with 100% double faced breathable Shearling (sheepskin) built on the muscle-toning FitFlop Microwobbleboard™ midsole. So you’re in essence getting an equivalent of an UGG boot with a top exercise shoe as well! (the MukLuk is like a cool combination of the Ugg Classic Short Boot, and the Ugg Ultra Short Boot)

FitFlop MukLuk Boots

FitFlops says “It’s fashionable, functional, and cute (to boot).” We agree!

FitFlop Boots in stock

October 4th, 2009 No comments

FitFlop Boots are now in stock (including the Snugger) in a number of UK FitFlop retailers. Two things are for sure – these desirable Winter FitFlop Boots will be the subject of many ‘Dear Santa’ letters this winter AND they are bound to sell out quickly.

Yep anyone snapping up the FitFlop MukLuk, FitFlop Inuk and the FitFlop Snugger now will have a huge smile on their faces and be the envy of their friends. Take it from us, the AW 2009 FitFlops range are the hottest thing in town.

As we do each time we’ve sought out the very best sale prices and availability from all UK FitFlop retailers and will keep watching the situation – especially in-stock levels.

FitFlop Boots – Autumn/Winter 2009

FitFlop MukLuk
FitFlop MukLuk
FitFlop Inuk
FitFlop Inuk
FitFlop Snugger
FitFlop Snugger

FitFlop Mules Autumn/Winter 2009

FitFlop Gogh II
FitFlop Gogh II
FitFlop Ultra Lounge
FitFlop Ultra Lounge

FitFlop Snugger Boot… Patent Shiny Chic

September 25th, 2009 1 comment

FitFlop Snugger has the look of patent leather and the puffy quilted look of a down jacket. Who wouldn’t want to take these fantastic shiny FitFlop boots into the winter season? Featuring the same posture improving exercising sole that made FitFlops huge,
the Snugger is the latest in the FitFlop Boots line.

FitFlop Snugger Boot

Feeling spacey, ski bunny, or relentlessly urban? FitFlops Snugger Boot will hug your calves with STYLE. Shiny FitFlop Snugger Boots are available in patent Bronze, a nice coppery brown bronze colour; patent Silver, a metallic moon-unit silver; and patent Black, shiny midnight noir blackest black.

Super lightweight easy pull-on FitFlop Boots feature microwobbleboard sole to exercise your muscles, and puffy patented uppers with faux fur lining inside.
Snuggers are water resistant and have anti-bacterial treatment for odour control.

Patent boot FitFlop Snugger

Patent boot FitFlop Snugger promises to be a big seller, and is on pre-order now at several UK retailers… get them while they’re hot! September is not too early for choosing your autumn and winter boots, and not too early to think about gifts for the holiday season!
Shiny FitFlop Snugger gives you fashion, fitness and warmth for the value.

FitFlop Boots!

September 24th, 2009 No comments

Winter FitFlops 2009 brings you four styles of FitFlop boots to keep you snug and exercised: FitFlop Inuk, FitFlop Mukluk, FitFlop Billow, and FitFlop Snugger. The FitFlop boots family are better than a mere winter boot as they are warm and water resistant, but also a fashion statement plus a mini-workout every time you wear them!

FitFlop Inuk

The Inuk FitFlop Bootis a brand-new winter FitFlop offering. Inuk is genuine sheepskin, both warming and wicking moisture from the foot. Plus with these sheepskin boots, you will continue to enjoy the leg toning properties of your summer FitFlop sandals.

The FitFlop Inuk Boot goes most of the way up the calf, drawing the eye upwards and lengthening the look of the leg. You’ll notice that the top opening is adjustable, so you can take in the cord for a more snug fit. The FitFlop Inuk is great over pants, and why not wear it with skirts as well?

FitFlop Mukluk

Also new on the scene, FitFlop Mukluk has the same sheepskin and wobbleboard fitness sole as the Inuk, but at a short, versatile height. FitFlop Mukluk can be worn as is, or with the top rolled down exposing the woolly lining for a fashionable effect. Really, you’re getting two boots in one!

FitFlop Billow

FitFlop Billow is the ankle length boot, which also can be rolled down to look like a furry shoe. FitFlop Billow is a perfect compliment to skinny jeans. I want to wear it with nothing else! This one comes in the usual array of gorgeous neutrals, but also in a unique mushroom green colour which I quite like.

FitFlop Snugger

And last but certainly not least is the FitFlop Snugger. Urban chic at its best, the Snugger is futuristic ultramodern quilted Snowjogger type boot, but with the waffleboard technology to keep your legs ultrafit, and sheepskin lining to keep your feet ultrawarm. Shinier than the shiniest lipgloss, FitFlop Snugger is a fabulous head-turner.

Browse a full range of furry FitFlop boots and slippers with AllTheShoes UK.

FitFlop Walkstar 3 Snakeskin

August 16th, 2009 No comments

If you want to stand out from the crowd the FitFlop Walkstar 3 Snakeskin version may be just what you’re looking for. This limited edition Snakeskin Aurelia version of the ever-popular FitFlop Walkstar 3 has all the “workout while you walk” benefits of Fitflops but now with a eye-catching exquisite finish of snakeskin. Who says fitness shoes can’t have catwalk appeal?

With its snakeskin print presentation box, the FitFlop Walkstar 3 Snakeskin would also make an excellent gift as well. Get these Fitflops befiore they sell out!

FitFlop Walkstar 3 Snakeskin

FitFlop Billow: An Ugg, a FitFlop, a Minnetonka Moccasin, or the best of all boots?

August 6th, 2009 1 comment

Water-repellent treated sheepskin make the FitFlop Billow THE FitFlop to take you into autumn. Keep those leg toning and derriere lifting benefits year round with the delightful Billow!

We’ve been seeing a lot of ankle height moccasins with shorts looks this year; the FitFlop Billow has that look, but with the built-in workout for your legs and pillowy comfort for your feet. Like other sheepskin brands like Ugg or Emu, the FitFlop Billow has natural sheepskin lining, helping your feet regulate temperature. You don’t need to wear socks. Turn the ankle up for a more boot like look, or turned down to display a ruff of sheepskin.

Wear with any of your casual or fashion looks– and don’t be afraid to wear these FitFlop boots with a miniskirt! We find them both practical and adorable.

FitFlop Oasis

July 22nd, 2009 1 comment

FitFlop Oasis has a super-soft suede upper with a subtle woven FitFlop branding. FitFlop Oasis also has a softy microfiber lining inside of the strap for a comfortable fit that does not rub. An adapted Walkstar, the FitFlop Oasis is available in three colours: FitFlop Oasis Natural, FitFlop Oasis Black and FitFlop Oasis Chocolate Brown.

The FitFlop Oasis has FitFlop’s Microwobbleboard™ midsole technology inbuilt – that’s the part that makes your muscles workout as you walk. FitFlop Oasis is really pitched as a fitness shoe but many people also report that FitFlops are the most comfortable footwear they have ever owned – high praise indeed for the FitFlop. We like the fact that the FitFlop branding is very subtle on the FitFlop Oasis and this version doesn’t make you feel like you are walking about as a mobile ad for FitFlops!

What’s also good about FitFlop Oasis – it’s the cheapest FitFlop of the new FitFlops 2009 range. Check out my FitFlop Oasis price comparisons by clicking the image below.

FitFlop Oasis
FitFlop Oasis

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