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Converse Star Player Ev

* example colour combinations Converse Star Player Ev Converse Star Player Ev
  • Converse classic style plimsoll branding throughout
  • Wide laces, white soles and toe
  • Classic star logo on the side with star on the tongue
  • Neutral colour scheme options
  • Suede upper
  • Vulcanised sole
  • Rubber toe cap

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Converse Star Player Ev

Select Colour

10 Colours Available

  • Athletic Navy/Orangefrom £65.24Athletic Navy/Orange
  • Black/Pinkfrom £65.00Black/Pink
  • Black/Whitefrom £30.50Black/White
  • Charcoal Greyfrom £42.00Charcoal Grey
  • Chocolate/Brownfrom £54.99Chocolate/Brown
  • Gooseberry Red Whitefrom £42.98Gooseberry Red White
  • Green Sycamore/Goldfrom £40.00Green Sycamore/Gold
  • Greyfrom £29.99Grey
  • Navy Bluefrom £30.50Navy Blue
  • Red/Whitefrom £42.98Red/White

Our Description

The Star Player brings loads of history right into the present in one iconic Converse shoe. Features of the Converse Star Player evolution include the distinctive toe cap, fat laces and leather uppers and acres of bendy rubber. The contemporary market has many new potential wearers blissfully ignorant of Converse Star Player’s charmed history. American Converse has had a century of prolific production of performance shoes for the benefit of sporting enthusiasts. Aficionados will see the classic star logo on the shoe side and the white star on the tongue. The sole has line down the middle and round the upper part of the sole.