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FitFlop Hyker Boys

* example colour combinations FitFlop Hyker Boys FitFlop Hyker Boys
  • FitFlop Hyker Boys - a double-adjustable healthy-built shoe for boys feet
  • Adjustable velcro straps with soft linings for easy, precise, and flexible fit
  • Patent-pending Triple-density Microwobbleboard™ midsole technology aids flexible movement
  • Anti-tired leg FOOTFLOAT™ technology helps relieve high pressure spots under the foot

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FitFlop Hyker Boys

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Our Description

FitFlop Hyker Boys activity sandals for boys blend practicality and performance with user-friendly Velcro-fastening straps and a soft microfibre lining from famed FitFlop. FitFlop’s Hyker for Boys footwear protects kids feet without limiting movement and so that growing feet stretch and flex, with more foot-to-midsole contact than stiff and structured-soled shoes. FitFlop Hyker Boys promotes good posture and encourages the natural movement of young foot bones so that developing feet are properly stimulated.