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FitFlop Rebel

* example colour combinations FitFlop Rebel FitFlop Rebel
  • FitFlop Rebel studded sandals for rock n roll style with benefits
  • Rebel fashion-forward black leather with stud design
  • Challenge hard to reach muscles so every step helps tone and trim your leg
  • FitFlop sandals work your bum muscles more
  • FitFlop make it easier to stay in shape
  • Like walking barefoot, but a little bit better!

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FitFlop Rebel

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Our Description

Be a Rebel with the new FitFlop Rebel UK sandals. Fashionable FitFlop fans, FitFlop Rebel is FitFlop's classic shape made trendy with a multi-studded upper. Fitflop Rebel is available in leather or suede, with darkened hardware, on their famous leg-muscle-toning sole.

FitFlop Rebel may seem rebellious, but it will also help improve your posture and reduce foot pressure. How is that for a winning combination? FitFlop Rebel stay gorgeous, fashionable, and comfortable...all with one sandal.

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