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FitFlop Audrey

* example colour combinations FitFlop Audrey FitFlop Audrey
  • Minimalist and stylish women's slip on flat shoes
  • Choice of leather of faux leather upper options
  • Range of colourways and finishes
  • Crystal stud and micro-pearl detailing on some models
  • Breathable leather or a leather/cotton mix lining
  • Supportive built in arch contour
  • All-day-cushioning SupercomFF midsole which diffuses pressure
  • Grippy outsole with rubber pods for a slip resistant fit

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FitFlop Allegro
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FitFlop Audrey
FitFlop Audrey
13 colours from £34.00

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FitFlop Audrey

Select Colour

13 Colours Available

  • FitFlop Audrey Artisan Gold from £22.42Artisan Gold
  • FitFlop Audrey Berryfrom £36.99Berry
  • FitFlop Audrey Blackfrom £38.94Black
  • FitFlop Audrey Black - Crinkle-Patentfrom £41.24Black - Crinkle-Patent
  • FitFlop Audrey Bronze Metallicfrom £67.63Bronze Metallic
  • FitFlop Audrey Dotted Snakefrom £77.05Dotted Snake
  • FitFlop Audrey Faux Pony Blackfrom £38.97Faux Pony Black
  • FitFlop Audrey Maroonfrom £51.99Maroon
  • FitFlop Audrey Midnight Navy Metallicfrom £49.12Midnight Navy Metallic
  • FitFlop Audrey Silverfrom £50.00Silver
  • FitFlop Audrey Stud - Apple Blossomfrom £71.90Stud - Apple Blossom
  • FitFlop Audrey Stud - Blackfrom £70.40Stud - Black
  • FitFlop Audrey Taupe Patentfrom £29.04Taupe Patent
  • FitFlop Audrey Artisan Gold
    from £22.42Artisan Gold
  • FitFlop Audrey Berry
    from £36.99Berry
  • FitFlop Audrey Black
    from £38.94Black
  • FitFlop Audrey Black - Crinkle-Patent
    from £41.24Black - Crinkle-Patent
  • FitFlop Audrey Bronze Metallic
    from £67.63Bronze Metallic
  • FitFlop Audrey Dotted Snake
    from £77.05Dotted Snake
  • FitFlop Audrey Faux Pony Black
    from £38.97Faux Pony Black
  • FitFlop Audrey Maroon
    from £51.99Maroon
  • FitFlop Audrey Midnight Navy Metallic
    from £49.12Midnight Navy Metallic
  • FitFlop Audrey Silver
    from £50.00Silver
  • FitFlop Audrey Stud - Apple Blossom
    from £71.90Stud - Apple Blossom
  • FitFlop Audrey Stud - Black
    from £70.40Stud - Black
  • FitFlop Audrey Taupe Patent
    from £29.04Taupe Patent

FitFlop Audrey Review

They say the devils in the detail, well with these fashionable Audrey slip on loafers from FitFlop it's also in the fit, which we think is ultra comfortable.

These simplistic shoes are very versatile and we love the choice of upper designs and colourways this popular brand have offered us. You can choose from rich leather or textured or patent faux leather fabrications, metallic finishes, pearlescent shades or edgy micro-pearl and crystal stud embellishments. The design is a classic slip on loafer with a stylish shaped collar that can be worn to work or after hours.

These FitFlop Audrey flats are lined in a mix of cotton twill/leather or simple leather, which also covers the comfortable footbed. These popular shoes also feature a pressure-diffusing SupercomFF midsole that's super cushioning, adds a sporty edge to each pair and that's ergonomically engineered for the best fit. There's also a seamless arch contour that's built into each shoe for added support underfoot. Finally a slim and lightweight outsole adds essential grip, thanks to the slip resistant rubber pods that feature.