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FitFlop Bon II

* example colour combinations FitFlop Bon II FitFlop Bon II
  • Women's versatile Bon II summer sandals with a super cushioned edge
  • Smooth two strap leather uppers in a choice of colours
  • Adjustable metallic buckle ensures the perfect fit
  • Leather lining for added comfort
  • Seamless arch contour
  • Engineered Microbubbleboard midsole design with built in cushioning bubbles
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole for stable summery steps

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FitFlop Bon II

Select Colour

7 Colours Available

  • FitFlop Bon II All Blackfrom £47.99All Black
  • FitFlop Bon II Black Embellishedfrom £82.72Black Embellished
  • FitFlop Bon II Caramelfrom £44.99Caramel
  • FitFlop Bon II Dusky Pinkfrom £70.00Dusky Pink
  • FitFlop Bon II Goldfrom £71.99Gold
  • FitFlop Bon II Natural Snakefrom £50.26Natural Snake
  • FitFlop Bon II Urban Whitefrom £47.99Urban White
  • FitFlop Bon II All Black
    from £47.99All Black
  • FitFlop Bon II Black Embellished
    from £82.72Black Embellished
  • FitFlop Bon II Caramel
    from £44.99Caramel
  • FitFlop Bon II Dusky Pink
    from £70.00Dusky Pink
  • FitFlop Bon II Gold
    from £71.99Gold
  • FitFlop Bon II Natural Snake
    from £50.26Natural Snake
  • FitFlop Bon II Urban White
    from £47.99Urban White

Our Description

Experience multiple levels of cushioned comfort when you buckle up a pair of FitFlop Bon II sandals.

These on-trend womens Bon II sandals are the ideal style to wear this summer, with a rich leather upper that comprises of a single band that flows over the toes and a further strap that wraps around the heel, complete with a shiny pin buckle at each side of the ankle for easy adjustment. This brand have created these shoes in neutral tones, metallic finishes and we just love the hint of snakeskin on some colourways.

These versatile FitFlop Bon II sandals support your soles with their built-in arch contour, that's seamless and smooth. Each pair also includes a Microbubbleboard midsole, a ergonomically engineered wedge that creates a cushioning experience that's ultra lightweight and oh so comfortable! FitFlop completes this summer ready design with their slim but effective rubber outsole.