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FitFlop Cha Cha

* example colour combinations FitFlop Cha Cha FitFlop Cha Cha
  • Statement flipflop with ultimate comfort built-in
  • Rich faux leather upper
  • Fabulous fringed bead embellishment front and center
  • Soft microfiber lining for foot comfort
  • Triple EVA midsole unit with Microwobbleboard™ technology
  • Textured synthetic outsole for durability and grip
  • 1 1/2 inch heel, 1 inch platform

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FitFlop Cha Cha

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11 Colours Available

  • FitFlop Cha Cha Blackfrom £18.27Black
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Bronzefrom £56.72Bronze
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Deep Plumfrom £28.93Deep Plum
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Dusty Lilacfrom £28.93Dusty Lilac
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Flamefrom £48.84Flame
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Navyfrom £74.27Navy
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Nimbus Silverfrom £59.16Nimbus Silver
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Nudefrom £43.59Nude
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Rose Goldfrom £68.99Rose Gold
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Sapphirefrom £74.27Sapphire
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Silverfrom £56.00Silver
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Black
    from £18.27Black
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Bronze
    from £56.72Bronze
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Deep Plum
    from £28.93Deep Plum
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Dusty Lilac
    from £28.93Dusty Lilac
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Flame
    from £48.84Flame
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Navy
    from £74.27Navy
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Nimbus Silver
    from £59.16Nimbus Silver
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Nude
    from £43.59Nude
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Rose Gold
    from £68.99Rose Gold
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Sapphire
    from £74.27Sapphire
  • FitFlop Cha Cha Silver
    from £56.00Silver

FitFlop Cha Cha Review

I tell you, these sandals have seduced me. I don't need another pair of FitFlops is what I thought. Yes, FitFlop makes a great product and they're ridiculously comfortable. That's a given. But I NEED these FitFlop Cha Cha sandals and it is because of their sass! Available in Bronze, Nimbus Silver, Passion Fruit (the juiciest pink you've ever seen), Black, Pomp Purple, Nude, or Sapphire colourways, they present a seductive assault to the eyes. This FitFlop doesn't look like a traditional athletic flip-flop, it has got modern subtlety to its design with a strap that circles the foot up close to the ankle and a t-strap that attaches from there to a toe post thong. And this thong strap contains a beaded fringe! Inspired by the carnivals of Brazil, these little lovelies will shimmy and shake and catch the eye when you walk. They're so fancy they're making me rethink heels with dresses and I haven't even ordered mine yet.

All the Cha Cha Sandal's high-fashion monochromatic colorways have a matching base, which is built with Fitflop's patent-pending Microwobbleboard technology. It is softer than butter, and engages your feet and legs slightly more when you walk and stand, promoting muscle tone. I love that, but am fairly certain women buy Fitflops because they are 1) cute and 2) so incredibly comfortable you won't want to put anything else on your foot ever. These sandals absorb shock and give your feet and joints a vacation while they're still working.

The gorgeous Fitflop Cha Cha would look fantastic with almost anything you'd want to pair it with. Promotional photos from FitFlop show minidress and swimsuit beach pairings are very pleasing to the eye, but I am sure some skinnies and and oversized T would be just as lovely. In keeping with the trend to wear sparkling jewelry with even the most casual styles, these little sandals deliver just the right amount of sparkle and sass without looking overdone. And the low wedge of 1.5 inches will have you just that much taller


Rating: 5 Overall Score: 5 out of 5 based on 1 reviews
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Rating: 5 5 out of 5 stars FitFlop Cha Cha Reviewer: Lindsey Clark Location: United Kingdom Mar 29, 2014

So pretty

Love my Fit Flops