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FitFlop Lena

* example colour combinations FitFlop Lena FitFlop Lena
  • Women's simply designed and ultra comfortable slip on shoes
  • Buttery soft leather uppers in fashionable colourways
  • A tied leather vamp trim with metallic D-ring features on some colourways
  • Anatomically contoured footbed
  • Cushioning and shock absorbing Dynamicush™ technology
  • Slim rubber outsole to finish

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FitFlop Lena
FitFlop Lena
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FitFlop Lena

Select Colour

14 Colours Available

  • FitFlop Lena Aurora Bluefrom £84.28Aurora Blue
  • FitFlop Lena Beechwoodfrom £35.20Beechwood
  • FitFlop Lena Black from £46.59Black
  • FitFlop Lena Black Glitterfrom £27.98Black Glitter
  • FitFlop Lena Black Knotfrom £183.13Black Knot
  • FitFlop Lena Black Patentfrom £69.99Black Patent
  • FitFlop Lena Chocolate Brownfrom £35.99Chocolate Brown
  • FitFlop Lena Midnight Navyfrom £48.85Midnight Navy
  • FitFlop Lena Pinkfrom £82.99Pink
  • FitFlop Lena Redfrom £35.99Red
  • FitFlop Lena Rosefrom £32.00Rose
  • FitFlop Lena Rose Goldfrom £27.98Rose Gold
  • FitFlop Lena Silver Glitterfrom £27.33Silver Glitter
  • FitFlop Lena Whitefrom £55.88White
  • FitFlop Lena Aurora Blue
    from £84.28Aurora Blue
  • FitFlop Lena Beechwood
    from £35.20Beechwood
  • FitFlop Lena Black
    from £46.59Black
  • FitFlop Lena Black Glitter
    from £27.98Black Glitter
  • FitFlop Lena Black Knot
    from £183.13Black Knot
  • FitFlop Lena Black Patent
    from £69.99Black Patent
  • FitFlop Lena Chocolate Brown
    from £35.99Chocolate Brown
  • FitFlop Lena Midnight Navy
    from £48.85Midnight Navy
  • FitFlop Lena Pink
    from £82.99Pink
  • FitFlop Lena Red
    from £35.99Red
  • FitFlop Lena Rose
    from £32.00Rose
  • FitFlop Lena Rose Gold
    from £27.98Rose Gold
  • FitFlop Lena Silver Glitter
    from £27.33Silver Glitter
  • FitFlop Lena White
    from £55.88White

Our Description

We think you'll love these FitFlop Lena slip on shoes, which are simplistic in style and bursting with comfort.

The overall loafer silhouette is the same across this shoe range and features a classic styled shaped collar at the front. There's also the option to choose the Knot model which includes a tonal tied leather trim, complete with metallic D ring, upon the vamp of each shoe. These minimally designed loafers are crafted from soft leather and come in an abundance of solid shades, spotty prints and gorgeous metallics which will uplift any work or casual ensemble.

FitFlop are renown for creating shoes that are ultra comfortable and these Lena loafers are no exception. Each pair features an anatomically shaped footbed to enhance the fit while their 'bouncy' Dynamicush™ technology, that increases shock absorption and cushions, is built into the flat slip-resistant rubber outsole, to ensure all day comfort and style.