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FitFlop Tia

* example colour combinations FitFlop Tia FitFlop Tia
  • Womens simplistic low wedge cushioning sandals
  • Leather or fabric uppers in a simple range of shades
  • Ankle strap with metallic adjustable buckle
  • Slim t-bar and comfortable toe post
  • Breathable leather lining
  • Built in arch support
  • Ergonomically designed DuocomFF™ midsole for all day cushioning
  • Lightweight outsole with slip resistant rubber pods

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FitFlop Tia

Select Colour

10 Colours Available

  • FitFlop Tia Bewjewelled - Galatic Greenfrom £59.99Bewjewelled - Galatic Green
  • FitFlop Tia Blackfrom £35.00Black
  • FitFlop Tia Blue Stripeyfrom £69.29Blue Stripey
  • FitFlop Tia Caramelfrom £35.00Caramel
  • FitFlop Tia Chocolate Brown Turtlefrom £61.94Chocolate Brown Turtle
  • FitFlop Tia Dusky Pink/Peach Foilfrom £145.00Dusky Pink/Peach Foil
  • FitFlop Tia Orange Stripeyfrom £69.73Orange Stripey
  • FitFlop Tia Pale Goldfrom £38.00Pale Gold
  • FitFlop Tia Silverfrom £35.00Silver
  • FitFlop Tia Taupe Snakefrom £62.30Taupe Snake
  • FitFlop Tia Bewjewelled - Galatic Green
    from £59.99Bewjewelled - Galatic Green
  • FitFlop Tia Black
    from £35.00Black
  • FitFlop Tia Blue Stripey
    from £69.29Blue Stripey
  • FitFlop Tia Caramel
    from £35.00Caramel
  • FitFlop Tia Chocolate Brown Turtle
    from £61.94Chocolate Brown Turtle
  • FitFlop Tia Dusky Pink/Peach Foil
    from £145.00Dusky Pink/Peach Foil
  • FitFlop Tia Orange Stripey
    from £69.73Orange Stripey
  • FitFlop Tia Pale Gold
    from £38.00Pale Gold
  • FitFlop Tia Silver
    from £35.00Silver
  • FitFlop Tia Taupe Snake
    from £62.30Taupe Snake

Our Description

Embrace the summer in style by wearing these stunning and ultra comfortable thong sandals from FitFlop.

The beauty of these sandals is their simplistic style. They feature a slim buckled ankle strap, with a narrow t-bar design flowing down to the toe post, that's created from neutral toned, black or metallic leather or summery striped fabric uppers.

Leather lining adds a breathable edge, the built in arch contour adds support and the DuocomFF™ wedge midsole creates a cushioned fit that's heavenly in the heat. Finally FitFlop have featured a durable yet lightweight outsole, with rubber pods to add a hint of grip wherever you choose to show off these gorgeous sandals.