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Fly London Ragi

* example colour combinations Fly London Ragi Fly London Ragi
  • FLY London Ragi lace up boot
  • Beautiful leather upper
  • 6 eyelets with wide laces
  • Fly logo tab sits on the back shaft of boot
  • Urban but practical design
  • Cushioned insole
  • Lightweight lugged rubber sole
  • 5.5 inch boot height
  • 1.5 inch heel height
  • Half sizes should size up

Brand Bestsellers

Fly London Salv
Fly London Salv
16 colours from £30.47

Fly London Scop
Fly London Scop
7 colours from £84.44

Fly London Ragi
Fly London Ragi
7 colours from £34.33

Fly London Yoss
Fly London Yoss
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Fly London Reno
Fly London Reno
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Fly London Ragi

Select Colour

7 Colours Available

  • Fly London Ragi Biscuitfrom £41.18Biscuit
  • Fly London Ragi Blackfrom £81.43Black
  • Fly London Ragi Honeyfrom £108.99Honey
  • Fly London Ragi Navyfrom £34.33Navy
  • Fly London Ragi Pinkfrom £65.99Pink
  • Fly London Ragi Purplefrom £120.00Purple
  • Fly London Ragi Redfrom £120.00Red
  • Fly London Ragi Biscuit
    from £41.18Biscuit
  • Fly London Ragi Black
    from £81.43Black
  • Fly London Ragi Honey
    from £108.99Honey
  • Fly London Ragi Navy
    from £34.33Navy
  • Fly London Ragi Pink
    from £65.99Pink
  • Fly London Ragi Purple
    from £120.00Purple
  • Fly London Ragi Red
    from £120.00Red

Our Description

Modern and on-trend, FLY London Ragi lace up boots are perfect for the Autumn/Winter seasons to cover up, protect feet and prepare you for any weather.

The combat style has cropped up everywhere, and before you think about Dr Martens, you should consider these beauties. FLY London is known for their ultra cushiony ultra durable soft rubber outsoles, and this FLY Ragi boot has the rugged toothy look they're known for, and promises to be one of the most comfortable boots you own. A diagonal heel cut on the back of the heel promises comfortable strides, while all leather upper will conform to your shape. Six large eyelets, thick laces and a round toe complete the look.