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Adidas Dublin fans brave the elements

Adidas Dublin fans brave the elements

17 Nov 2017

On a cold dark winters night, the last place you'd want to spend the eve is camped outside your local ‘Size’ clothing store. But crowds of Adidas footwear fans did just that!

But why you ask? Well just to get their hands on a pair of re-released Adidas Dublin retro trainers. These sleek suede shoes, in a bold Royal blue base, with signature triple side stripes in a striking orange shade, are a popular style taken from the brands coveted Originals City series and part of Size's Archive collection.

So while these shoe fans might be cold from braving the elements overnight, they will have a warm glow inside from bagging themselves a pair of £85 iconic trainers, not to mention those rubbing their hands in glee at making a tidy profit with Dublin styles appearing already on online auctions sites for £400!

Image: Size?

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