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Balenciaga Sends Crocs Down The Runway

Balenciaga Sends Crocs Down The Runway

6 Oct 2017

Paris Fashion Week saw an unlikely development this autumn: Crocs on the runway. Pedigreed high fashion designer Balenciaga showed cartoonishly large versions of a cartoonish shoe coupled with floaty vibrant dresses. There was an audible gasp when attendees first saw them. In horror, we are guessing, though many have confessed to liking these new 10cm platform Balenciaga Crocs. Each pair were adorned with logo charms (Jibbitz) from the fashion house.

Backstage, Balenciaga designer Demna Gavasalia explained how he tried Crocs for the first time this summer and loved them. "It's a very innovative shoe." he said. "It's light, it's a one-piece foam mould and to me these kind of techniques and working with these kind of materials is very Balenciaga".

We look forward to seeing the sales numbers, and are sure her followers will be aboard for the next adventure.

Image: Photo Shutterstock

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